How To Make Sense of Microsoft’s Planned Data Centers

February 8th, 2016 at 4:28 pm

microsoft-new-logo-2012Data centers are important in our wired world. They are at the heart of the Internet where information passes through. There are many challenges when it comes to building data centers. Some of the companies that frequently use them are trying to find other ways of making them more efficient. Microsoft’s Project Natick is one of those unique solutions offered- building data centers underwater.

The concept of underwater data centers is entirely uncommon and different. But software giant Microsoft has been pursuing such a project recently and has started its research into the viability of building these underwater data centers, which are aimed for building near coastal cities.

While some people may find it outrageous, building data centers underwater makes perfect sense. It offers many advantages over current data centers which are mostly built over ground and some under it. Here are some reasons why underwater data centers may prove to be the future.

Easier To Cool
Water is a better coolant compared to air. It can easily dissipate the heat generated by the data centers at practically no cost. Since temperature regulation is important for data centers, this may help make them operate in a more efficient manner and with low cooling costs to boot.

Tap Into Unused Real Estate
Building underwater data centers near coastal cities may prove beneficial in that it may be in closer proximity to the people who use them. Not only that, underwater data centers may tap into unused real estate rather than using space above ground. There is no need to purchase land in order to build facilities to house data centers.

Better Security
An underwater data center may prove to be more secure since it may be a difficult target for a terrorist or any other form of physical attack. Not only that, with the underwater data center being out of direct sunlight, it can also be well protected from the harmful effects of cosmic rays, which can cause damage to a computer’s internal memory and may cause system crashes.

With this in mind, having underwater data centers may not be as crazy as first thought. The many advantages may make these future data centers a viable alternative to others designed conventionally. With Microsoft taking the lead, it may just become possible one day.


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