Apple Refuses Gov’t Order How To Decrypt iPhone

February 20th, 2016 at 5:01 am

Tablet and AppsEncryption is a type of security measure that can help users hide their sensitive information from prying eyes. It helps to make hacking virtually impossible to do. While it serves a very important purpose in protecting a person’s privacy, the government may not always agree to it. After all, Big Brother will always want to look over and know what is going on everywhere. Making things private is not always a good thing for them. That is why this issue has lately come into focus as the US government takes on challenging a tech giant Apple regarding encryption and maintaining private information.

There was news recently that the US government, through the FBI of course, may be trying to force tech companies like Apple to create features on their products that will enable the authorities to go through private data when needed. Apple CEO Tim Cook published an open letter to its customers regarding the matter. The letter more or less indicates that the government is asking Apple to create a backdoor to their operating system that will allow authorities to get into the system and possibly access private personal data. Although the request was just for one iPhone used in the recent San Bernardino terrorism case, there is a great possibility that the same tool or method can be used on other Apple phones . Through this, the private information of Apple customers may be severely compromised in the process.

It was wise for the Apple CEO to take this issue into a public forum where discussions regarding the matter may further be tackled. It will help determine whether such government actions may be something that the public may find acceptable or be abhorred. At the very least, it can help define the limits or the extent of power the government can have regarding access to private customer data based on a general public consensus . Otherwise, such a sensitive issue may be happening under the radar with many people not even aware of it. It is good that people now know about it. Whether it may put the US government or the FBI in a bad light is another matter.


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