How VR Will Help Stroke Victims Recover Faster

February 20th, 2016 at 5:21 am

Stroke and VR

Virtual reality technology is slowly picking up steam. Most believe that this will be the year that VR will finally take center stage. Many manufacturers with the likes Samsung, HTC, Sony and even Google are trying to come up with their own versions of the VR headset. Far more valuable than its entertainment potential is the possible use of VR for health and wellness. In fact, one company may already be on the way of using virtual reality technology to help stroke victims.

A company based in Switzerland called MindMaze is developing virtual reality goggles that aim to help stroke victims recover from disabilities as a result of their condition. The start-up company was able to develop the technology that combines virtual reality hardware and neuroscience to help stroke victims learn how to regain control of their extremities that may have been paralyzed as a result of their condition.

The VR goggles will be tricking the mind to make it think that one part of the body paralyzed by the stroke is controllable again, thanks to the effect of virtual reality. This way, the gadget will trigger areas in the brain that will allow people to regain control of their hand. In a way, it will help accelerate a stroke victim’s rate of recovery.

With a $100 million investment, MindMaze will continue the development of the said VR goggles to help people who have suffered from stroke. The company has also won approval from European regulators to develop a device that will help brain injury victims recover. It will only be some time before we may be able to see the importance of VR’s use for health care.


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