Rumor: Google Planning To Expand Foray Into VR Territory 

February 25th, 2016 at 4:56 pm

Google VR TechVirtual reality has become an interesting trend that is recently emerging from its shell. Although the technology was developed decades ago, it is only now that VR is slowly making an imprint into the consumer consciousness. Whether it may be because of advancing technology not available before or if consumers are just riding on what can be the next big thing, VR tech has surely been getting a lot of attention from various places. It pays that business giants like Google is trying to explore the exciting possibilities for VR. The company has done so with its Google Cardboard device. But Google may already be preparing for something even bigger and better than just the Cardboard.

There is speculation that Google may be venturing further into the VR territory and develop products that may be a better option than the Cardboard but more affordable than the upcoming high-end VR consoles like the Oculus Rift. In short, Google is developing a stand-alone VR headset. What Google may have planned is a better version of its Cardboard device without the need to pair it with a smartphone. Since it is stand-alone, users will no longer need to attach it to a console or PC before it can be used. If ever Google is successful in coming up with such a VR device, it would certainly be something worth looking out for.

But while everything may sound exciting, Google has yet to confirm if such plans are true. But certain staff movements within the company may indicate that it is moving towards developing a better stand-alone VR device, or at least looking towards making such a device possible. But then again, it may also be following the footsteps of Google Glass, a device full of promise and everything but.


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