Facebook Messenger Reaches A Billion Monthly Users

July 24th, 2016 at 1:01 pm

facebook-wantIt is easier to achieve certain milestones when you have an existing foundation to build into. In the case its messenger app, reaching a billion of monthly users is a bit easier because of the users of its growing social network. But then again, it is still quite an achievement that Facebook can be proud of.

Facebook has recently announced that monthly usage of its Messenger service app is more than a billion. Along with WhatsApp, which also belongs to Facebook and has reached the billion mark in terms of users last February, Both get to enjoy the distinction of being the top two most popular messaging apps as of the moment.

It may seem like a long, difficult road for Facebook Messenger, but this messaging app actually had the advantage over other apps of the same feature. It was able to gain the use of existing Facebook users when the social network decided to remove the internal messaging platform and urged its users to download Facebook Messenger instead. While it initially started with a lot of backlash from Facebook users, it soon died down and use of Messenger became more widely accepted among the Facebook community.

After all, using a separate messaging app takes away a lot of the hassles of trying to access it from the user’s Facebook account in order to send a message. Now, users only need to open the Messenger app to do just that. And with people usually chatting with their Facebook friends more than just simply checking their FB wall, it all made sense.

And so with that, as well as the billions of Facebook users readily waiting in the wings, the Facebook Messenger has gained a billion monthly users. The app has overtaken other competitors who have started much earlier with their platforms. But that just goes to show that any app will easily gain a wider audience if that said audience is already just waiting on the side. With Facebook Messenger, that is exactly how it is.


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