More People Now Go Online Using Android Than Windows

April 3rd, 2017 at 8:30 pm

Talk about a change of habits. It seems that people’s online preferences have changed and there is possibly no going back. According to StatCounter, more people are now using the Internet using Android than the erstwhile leader Windows. It only indicates that more and more people are using the Internet using their smart phones and portable gadgets than on their laptops or computers.

According to StatCounter’s recent tracking of Internet activity for March, 37.93 percent of the total Internet activity came from Android, Google’s mobile phone OS. It just barely edged out Windows, which took 37.91 percent. In addition, Internet activity using Windows, which is the primary OS for computers, has steadily been going down. Internet usage on the Android platform on the other hand, has been on the upside. The rest of the share in Internet activity is on iOS and OS X devices.

The numbers indicate that more and more people are using their mobile phones to go online. Since the numbers cover worldwide Internet usage, Android has particularly enjoyed some massive popularity in the Asian as well as the African markets. With the mobile phone giving more and more people a convenient means of Internet access, it certainly will push the numbers up in areas where Android is king. Moreover, people in these areas can only afford either a mobile phone or a computer but not both. And given the choices, people would prefer using a mobile phone to go online, mainly for its practicality and affordability.

Source: Engadget