AeroMobil Flying Car Now Available For Pre-Order

May 16th, 2017 at 7:07 pm

The mode of transportation that we have today helps us get from point A to point B. we have different options to get there- by land, by sea or by air. But when it comes to personal transport, people have the car as their main mode of transportation. The highway networks have allowed people to reach farther places then they ever could. But as technology develops, people of course may be looking forward to something different, something that they may consider the future of transportation. One of the modern options may possibly be in the form of the AeroMobil Flying Car.

The AeroMobil Flying Car is the brainchild of AeroMobil, which is a Slovakia-based engineering firm. It has created a flying car that has recently been made available for pre-order. Although the company may have already a concept of its flying car and a prototype since 2014, it is only recently that availability to the public has been announced.

The AeroMobil Flying Car is a next-generation vehicle that can operate as a four-wheeled car as well as a flying craft. One of its advantages is that riders have the option to fly instead of drive, especially in places where roads are pretty much non-existent. This flying car will come with a hybrid engine, making it more eco-friendly as well. And since it is a flying car, expect to have both a driver’s and pilot’s license in order to take this thing out for a drive or flight. The new AeroMobil Flying Car is yet to debut at the Top Marques Monaco, which is an exclusive show¬† for supercars. Only then will people be able to see the actual model that is available for pre-order this year, although hints of its design are available on their website. Unfortunately as well, the company has not yet released any pricing details. But maybe that is to keep the excitement up until people see it.

Image Source: AeroMobil