Apple Announced It Is Discontinuing the iPod Nano and Shuffle

June 29th, 2017 at 6:01 pm

Apple has come up with a number of popular gadgets over the years. Many  have been embraced and accepted almost immediately when they first came out. But no matter how popular some gadgets can be, there comes a time when they either become obsolete or their popularity has waned. This may be what has happened to the Apple iPod Nano and Shuffle, two of Apple’s popular MP3 players, which are being discontinued.

While it is no surprise that Apple will discontinue some of its older product line, there is always a tinge of sentimental sadness over such news. These Apple MP3 players were around for more than a decade now. Both the Nano and the Shuffle were launched into the market way back in 2005. They became the toast of the town and opened up the surging market  for portable MP3 players. It then led for competitors to catch up and come out with similar products but did not enjoy the same popularity as these two did.

While Apple has not officially announced that it is discontinuing the product, the fact that it was removed from the Apple Store clearly indicates that it is going that way. Apple may be letting go of these gadgets because they are not Internet-ready. People still have to connect them to a computer in order to download music files, which most people today can find tedious. So far as music players go, Apple still has the iPod Touch available, which is online-ready.

In a way, Apple already has this in mind for a long time now having discontinued providing software updates for the Shuffle in 2010 and for the Nano in 2012. The company may have already thought that this year would be the right time to retire these popular but classic music players. Af ter all, Apple is now pushing for wireless earbuds on their upcoming products, features which may not work with the classic music players like the Shuffle and the Nano. It may be a sad day for Apple fans, but that is life.