AI Now Writes Outdated Wikipedia Text Automatically

January 10th, 2020 at 5:15 pm

If there is any type of technology that has been getting more attention lately, it must be the field of artificial intelligence. AI has been making strides in terms of development in the aim to give future modern devices and gadgets the means to think for themselves. Another stride that the technology recently taken is the ability to become a virtual editor by updating Wikipedia text automatically while retaining grammar and human style of writing.

Researchers from MIT have recently developed a machine-learning based system that can automatically rewrite outdated Wikipedia text while still maintaining that human grammar style and tone of writing. The system is trained to analyze and recognize the differences between current Wikipedia article text and compare it with unstructured sentences with updated facts. The system then pinpoints and replaces the specific updated text in relevant Wikipedia sentences while still retaining how human would write and edit.

According to Darsh Shah, a PhD student at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), “There are so many updates constantly needed to Wikipedia articles. It would be beneficial to automatically modify exact portions of the articles, with little to no human intervention.”

“Instead of hundreds of people working on modifying each Wikipedia article, then you’ll only need a few, because the model is helping or doing it automatically. That offers dramatic improvements in efficiency,” Shah added, who is also one of the lead authors of the paper that was recently presented at the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence.

According to the researchers, there is potential in the future to build a fully-automated system using AI that will be able to identify and use the latest relevant information found around the Web and rewrite the corresponding Wikipedia articles to reflect the updated information.

There are now bots existing that make automatic Wikipedia edits. But these typical bots work mostly in reducing vandalism or create edits based on predefined templates. The new model makes use of AI to utilize pieces of unstructured information and then automatically modify them into a humanlike piece of writing. According to the researchers, this new model requires reasoning to analyze contradictory parts of two sentences and then update and create a coherent piece of text.

Source: MIT