SQL Injection Infection Affects 520,000 Web Pages

Monday, April 28th, 2008
The Register reported a worrying article regarding a cyberattack on many supposedly secure web sites. "Hackers have injected malicious code into hundreds of thousands of reputable web pages, turning them into launchpads for attacks that silently install malware on the machines of those who visit them. The UK’s Civil Service and the United Nations were among those who had been hacked."  "

Trend Micro’s Site Hacked

Friday, March 14th, 2008
PC-Cillin creator Trend Micro has proven itself to be one of the best software security and antivirus makers on the market.  Trend Micro’s signature strategy of employing thousands of outsourced watchdogs in Asia and around the world to deliberately search and detect viruses has been a formiddable opponent to virus makers and hackers. However, in an embarrasing episode, Trend Micro’s own website