Microsoft Unveils New Logo

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012
Microsoft has just revealed a logo makeover, incorporating elements of its Windows logo from the font design to the window pane symbol on the left. The new Microsoft logo comes months after the company reveals the Windows 8 logo, which bares similar elements except that the window symbol is turned slightly. It has been 25 years since Microsoft gave its logo a major update, instead of just adding a new slogan at th

Microsoft to Offer $15 Windows 8 Upgrade for Every Win7 PC Purchase

Monday, May 14th, 2012
It’s no fun purchasing a computer that runs on a last-gen OS, which is why Microsoft allegedly plans to offer a $14.99 upgrade to Windows 8 Pro when buying a Windows 7-powered PC beginning June 2. This offer is meant to keep Windows 7 PC sales stable even when its succeeding OS comes around. The push to Pro instead of the vanilla edition of Windows 8 remains a mystery. And in case you are wondering: no, th

How to Download Windows 8 Beta Consumer Preview

Thursday, March 1st, 2012
Microsoft has just released a preview of Windows 8, which ordinary consumers like you and me can download for free. Expect the Windows 8 beta Consumer Preview to sport the “Metro” tile-happy design, the inclusion of touch-based controls, Windows app store, cloud services linking PCs and Windows Phones, and Internet Explorer 10 among others Before downloading the Windows 8 beta, make sure your computer

Windows 8 Logo Unveiled; Finally Looks Like a Window

Friday, February 17th, 2012
Microsoft is set to make big changes with its Windows 8 operating system, which brings the Metro UI from mobile to desktop. Part of these changes is the introduction of a new logo. The Windows 8 logo features a four-pane window set on a quarter turn, the appearance of which is reminiscent of Metro design. It was created with the help of design agency Pentagram, which asked Microsoft a simple question when it bega